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Bana is a form of dress. Any kind of outfit is technically a bana. Your clothing is a reflection of your consciousness and what you wear is amplifying your energy.

These were my notes from the last Kundalini yoga teacher training I did earlier this year. I loved that my teachers went over this in some detail. I have always loved clothes and even spent my freshman year as a fashion major.. and I almost dropped out because I realized pretty fast that the fashion business is full of shit not for me. Don’t get me wrong – I know some wonderful people who are in the business but overall I feel like it’s really.. misguided. And I think a part of that is because clothing is actually a very powerful container for our energy and so there are systems in place to manipulate this basic human need. But more on that later.. What I am really excited to talk about is how we can shift our understanding of clothing now.

Clothes are a basic human need. What you wear tells the world about who you are long before you even say a word. The color, shape, and materials that make up your clothes all effect you on a conscious and subconscious level. When you dress in a way that expresses who you are inside – and who you want to be- then you are working with your own power in a very productive, practical way. There is a saying in the corporate world ,”dress for the job you want, not the one you have” . They got that right and it is true on many levels.

If you hang around kundalini yogi’s and / or Sikh people long enough you will hear the term bana being thrown around. I believe the word and the concept of bana was invented by the 10th Sikh guru – Guru Gobind Singh. He gave the Sikh people a specific way to dress that helped shape their energy to give them access to a specific, very high frequency. Sikh bana involves a system called the 5 K’s , which basically outline the way baptized Sikhs (Khalsa’s) are to dress. When you look at someone dressed in what they call “full bana”, ┬áit is really easy to be fooled into thinking that this is a dogmatic religious ritual kind of situation. The reality is that each of the “rules” of Khalsa dressing are actually creating specific energetic outcomes. It’s actually a very advanced way of dressing and it’s perfect because it has a built in bullshit shield – close minded bigot types naturally stay away! My husband is a Khalsa Sikh and dresses in full bana a lot so I have gotten a chance to observe the effectiveness of this first hand.

My teachers made it a point to say that the most important thing about choosing your bana is this – BE YOU! Dress however is appropriate for YOU. We don’t have to follow trends anymore. The flock mentality is so over and so boring. Wear what makes you feel good. I look forward to going into much more depth about this topic in future posts. In the mean time watch this excellent 9 min video on this subject.

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