vintage gypsy

There is a way to dress that expresses who you really are and can bring you more of the kind of energy you are looking for. I call this Vibrational Dressing, but it could also be called bana. Bana is a term that comes to us from the Sikh religion, it’s a form of dressing which has specific energetic effects. Bana can be all white clothes with a turban on top and bana can be all the colors of the rainbow with gold shoes and a flower in your hair. Bana can be a sweatshirt and jeans. Bana is an expression of YOU. My teacher Harijiwan explains bana very well –and I’m paraphrasing here – ” your clothing is an expression of your consciousness” .  This seems like the most obvious yet profound thought to me. We grow up being taught to follow trends and fit into “uniforms” . We aren’t usually taught to view getting dressed as a conscious act of self expression that has very specific effect on our energy field and our reality.

We’ll explore these concepts in a forthcoming series of posts on this subject. Until then I encourage you to begin to really pay attention to the often routine act of getting dressed. Why are you picking that shirt, those pants, that jacket? Are they expressing how you feel or are you following a subconscious program? How do you feel when you wear them? Do you notice feeling different when you wear bright colors as opposed to all black? How do you feel when you wear your favorite outfit? You can learn how to dress to feel that way all the time and I am going to teach you how.

Some subjects we will explore in future posts related to this topic are:

Vibrational Dressing for Energy : the Technique, Dressing the chakras, Color therapy , How clothing shapes your auric field , Traditional dress through the ages, Modern fashion as control system, Sikh clothing technology , All about wearing white , Why people wear turbans , Fabrics are energy conductors : natural fibers vs synthetic .. and much much more!

Stay tuned.