I’m so happy to share about a project I worked on for most of this year and successfully launched a few months ago. Tejtv.yoga is a streaming platform broadcasting Kundalini Yoga and Meditation every day live from Los Angeles with Tej Kaur Khalsa.

I’ve been a student of Tej and Harijiwan since my first teacher training in 2006 and my life has been completely transformed and uplifted since then.
In 2015 I went to Russia as Tej’s assistant to help with a KY teacher training and that was kind of a turning point in a way.. I’m not sure I have the words right now to explain how much I’ve gained from giving my time and energy to helping the Dharma wherever I can.. but I can see the evidence of the stream of blessings all around me.

The mission of Tej TV is something I’m deeply aligned with so it was a great honor to help bring this project to fruition. The mission statement is as follows:

  • Our Goal is to bring the energy of the Golden Chain onto the planet to heal and uplift humanity.
  • Our Goal is to help elevate people to their highest potential, the inner potential that we all have within. Through these teachings we are here to help people bring an awareness of their higher selves.
  • Our Goal is to dedicate our focus and love to spreading the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.
  • We are building an inclusive world-wide community, beyond religion, race, or nationality, that will encompass Earth and Sky.

The 6 month journey it took to bring Tej TV from concept to reality was deeply transforming for me. We encountered a lot of challenges along the way and each one we overcame by just keeping up .. and not backing down. It was an interesting time to be creating this platform as we began in March as the world went in to lock down, while simultaneously the 3HO Kundalini community imploded on itself. It felt more important than ever to put these teachings out to the world in this way.

Have a look at tejtv.yoga and let me know what you think! I’m tremendously proud of what we created and am so excited to see how it grows and evolves into the future.

Group photo after our first live broadcast!