I recently had my mind completely blown by an interview I heard with a guy named Daniel Vitalis all about the reason why tap water AND bottled water are just not good enough anymore. Sounds depressing but it was actually completely thrilling!!!! I am like JAZZED  ( insert jazz hands here) by the subject now. Here is a list of some of the top take aways I got from this interview —

1. Some of the water piping infrastructure of the United States dates back to the Lincoln era (!?!?!?). The pipes for clean water and waste water run along side by side. Because the pipes are so old, there is cross contamination. This is the reason for all the chlorine.

2. In some places, the waste water is treated and made into clean drinking water again. They clean it really well but there is still drug residues from everyones pee in the water, that you are now consuming. Beyond disgusting, we also don’t know yet how this is affecting our health.

3. When we eat food , a whole digestive process happens that turns that food into fuel for our bodies. Good food is very important, obviously. Now when we drink water, within minutes that water becomes a part of our blood. Whatever is in that water we drink is almost immediately circulating through every part of us. Consuming nasty (chlorinated, flouridated..) water means it is harder the for body to make healthy blood. Healthy water… healthy blood.

4. Water dissolves everything is comes into contact with. Water in its purest, clinical state is only H2O , but in reality water has many things absorbed into it, because thats what water does. Healthy water has a balance of minerals that our bodies need. When water is packaged in plastic, the water also has plastic residues in the water, especially if the water bottle has been exposed to sunlight, which helps to breakdown the plastic molecules even quicker. I don’t think I need to explain to you why ‘plastic tea’ is a bad idea.

5. When we drink reverse osmosis water, it is a very pure H2O, which sounds nice in theory, but when we consume stripped down water, that water goes into the body and naturally wants to absorb minerals into itself. When we consume reverse osmosis water for an extended amount of time, we can actually deplete our bodies of crucial minerals!

6. Water is our birthright. Water comes from the earth and goes back to the earth. Much of the surface water of the earth has been contaminated by chemical pollutants. When we drink fresh spring water we are drinking the living vibration of the earth , free from pollution because it has been under the earth for sometimes thousands of years.

7 Back in the olden days, we were taught that we needed a middle man between us and God. We needed the preacher to be our intermediary. Now we have been taught to believe that we need to buy our water from a middle man. We buy our water from the city (through taxes) and we buy our water from the store. Most of us never even consider that we could get our water — at least some of it — directly from the earth herself, and that it would be beneficial to our health to do so!

This is only some of the paradigm shifting points that are raised in this podcast. I highly recommend you tune in for a very insightful 1.5 hours with Mr Vitalis interviewed by Josh and Kate from the very helpful and inspiring website Extreme Health Radio dot com. Also check out FindaSpring.com  and Surthrival.com !

Next up on this subject I’ll share me and my husband’s adventures in spring water gathering and appreciating the living qualities of water! It takes some effort but it is fun and delicious..