He’s caught, She’s caught.

I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. I love clothes. I love expressing myself with what I wear and I love seeing how others choose to show themselves to the world. What I don’t love is the group think that happens when certain styles are proclaimed to be “in fashion”.  The mindless following of fashion trends is outdated. It’s time to think for ourselves.

When clothing is done right, it is one of the highest forms of self expression. People get a hit of who you are in a split second of seeing you and what you are wearing. Wearing certain cuts, colors and fabrics make us feel things. It’s a kind of art that everyone is invited to do, every day.

However, the fashion industry doesn’t want you to think for yourself. You are the best customer when you are following trends and feel the need to be “in style”. I used to read a lot of fashion magazines before I realized that instead of feeling inspired they made me feel inadequate. I will never have the body or face of a fashion model and that is fine, but it’s the clothes themselves which are often times so out of reach!  Thousands of dollars on an outfit that is not a wedding dress or covered in gems?! For most people this is not a realistic budget. It’s boring and depressing to constantly lust after things that are not and will not ever be on your actual shopping list. No thank you. I prefer reality over fantasy, personally.

The fashion business is about making money and lots of it, and the old Piscean culture (still) at large is about control through conformity and caste systems (yes, caste systems in America too) . They work beautifully together. The fashion people tell you what you should be wearing, and our cultural program teaches us to judge each other based on what we are wearing. We keep ourselves in line this way, it’s like a self policing system embedded into the fabric of every day life.  And by the way, I’m not saying it is wrong to judge based on clothes, it is actually helpful to do most of the time. It’s just interesting to step back and see how it all fits in to the big picture.

Imagine if clothing was only about keeping warm and individual self expression.  No more ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ boring crap. Imagine a world where a human is taught from day one to think for themselves and honor their own creativity! I think it would make for much more interesting outfits, just for starters !

To go deeper into the subject,  read about how clothing shapes our energy and about dressing the chakras. I look forward to writing a lot more on this subject – ‘the energetics of hair styles’ and ‘shoes as control devices, coming soon !

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