I love music. All kinds. I grew up on Peter Tosh and Chopin, my teen years were filled with Goodie Mob and Metallica, and I’ve spent a lot of time since with a whole range of greats in all genres- country, soul, folk etc etc..  But in the last 7 or so years I started to fill my ears and mind with mantra music of all kinds. I love how listening to mantra music makes me feel. We play mantras around the house continually so that the space has the benefits of the mantras infused within them. When you walk in to environments that have mantras playing continuously you can feel the peaceful vibrations that have settled into the walls and the furniture. If you’re skeptical , try it out for yourself. It’s so easy and it works on so many levels. And read this post on how and why mantra works here. also this.

Since I’ve been listening to mantra music almost exclusively for a while I have a lot of recommendations for you!

Here are some of my favorite classic mantra albums –

Snatam Kaur – Grace 

This is a modern day kundalini classic that is so beautiful and soothing , you almost can’t believe it. Pretty much anything that comes out of Snatam’s mouth is transcendent, so all of her albums are gorgeous. If you don’t believe me, go to youtube, type in Snatam Kaur and be transported by every. single. thing. you click on. It will be hard to not let this list be dominated by her.

Nirinjan Kaur – Adhara

I recently read that this is Russell Brand’s one album he would take to a desert island or something. Whatever you think about the guy, he pretty much nailed it with his selection. This album is SUBLIME. Actually everything I have ever heard her sing is completely gorgeous. I mean I walked down the aisle to this after all.

Singh Kaur – Peace Lagoon

Singh Kaur is old school.  She is another angel singing in your ear. This album is a 70’s mantra music masterpiece. Kind of a Joni Mitchell in heaven feeling.. The lyrics are mostly in english. The words come from a very sacred book called Peace Lagoon which are the english translations of Sikh poems. I also heartily recommend all of the Crimson Collection volumes, especially 6 (Ardas) +7 (Blessings) .

Gurunam Singh – Change

This guy is real good. I play the Har Ji track a lot in class. The album is great.  Smooth, upbeat, and the only dude on this list. Good stuff.

Snatam Kaur – Live in Concert

Ok this is the best live album I have EVER heard, of all genres. It is sooooo beautiful and will make you feel so good when you listen to it. I can not recommend this one enough. When you listen to the Azure Salver track you may weep, it’s so gorgeous.

Ok next time I will post on some of the newer artists and albums I am loving. Until then– enjoy!!

image source: wikipedia : sound