I believe a good offense is the best defense when it comes to colds and flus. The first sign that you are getting sick is a cue to bring out the bag of health tricks and get down! If you get out of denial and take the first signs seriously, then you can dramatically reduce the time that you feel bad, and maybe even avoid getting a full blown cold in the first place.

1. Hydrate

Drink good water and make yogi tea. Or drink any kind of herbal tea that you like. ..or hot water with lemon and honey .. just have something hydrating in your hands at all times. The idea here is that you body wants to get rid of whatever it is thats making you feel lousy, and the fluids are helping you to flush it out.

2. The obvious remedies: Vit C, Zinc + Echinacea

There is a reason these are the go-to natural cold remedies. The trick is that you have to actually obtain and ingest them to get results. Honestly I would take all 3 every hour when you feel something coming on. Read the instructions on the label of course but my advice is to be heavy handed and consistent! Just do itttt.

3. Clean your nose + throat!

Ok getting into the less culturally obvious but clearly the most practically obvious idea on this list. If you may be developing an issue in the nose and/or throat, then get in there and manually CLEAN that sh*t out!

For the throat:

Gargle with warm salt water. Fill a mug with warm water. Add 1 teaspoon salt and mix. Gargle until you finish the cup. Repeat at least twice a day till you feel better.

For the nose / sinus areas:

Neti Pot! The best invention ever, thanks ancient India ! This used to be a fringe activity here in the west, but thanks to Oprah (I think) you can now buy a plastic neti pot at any drug store. Just get one. Get over the weird thought of running warm salty water through your nose and do it. You will be physically removing the problems that are brewing there, which will dramatically cut back the time it takes to feel healthy again. If you do it early enough in the cold progression you can prevent getting all stuffed up and then the subsequent coughing / chest cold  phase. Do it do it do it.

4. Probiotics

Have you noticed that a cold usually starts after you get an upset stomach – maybe you ate too much – or something that didn’t agree with you? I have noticed that to be true over the years. Some times the upset stomach happens because of emotional reasons. Anger and fear can cause real physical symptoms some times. What does this have to do with probiotics? Well science is now realizing that the gut is actually a “second brain” and the health of your gut effects the health of  your mind and body. When you pump up the probiotics you are giving your body more of what it needs to process food and nutrients effectively, which then gives your brain and body the fuel it needs to get and stay healthy.

5. Slightly more exotic health powerhouses

Use according to the directions on the product. All of these are non – toxic as far as I know – meaning it is impossible to OD on them. So dose up!

Grapefruit seed extract (a freakishly super sour all purpose health wonder product!)

Elderberry Syrup (really works well to prevent getting a cough. bonus – it truly tastes great! )

Oregano Oil (super potent stuff!)

Colloidal Silver ( I started using this after several doctors recommended it. I am still trying to understand how it works. My amazing blood Dr says to take every hour when you are feeling sick and a probiotic pill every half hour. I tried this and it works)

6. Healing foods

Make a big pot of mung beans and rice  and eat a mono diet till you feel better. If you are not a vegetarian, make chicken soup from scratch and eat a lot of it. They don’t call is Jewish Penicillin for nothing. Obtain and eat whatever simple, easy to digest healthy foods you know and love. And add garlic, lots of garlic. In fact, it is a good idea to crush or finely chop a large clove and eat that inside a spoon of honey (or peanut butter). If all else fails, that raw garlic will cure what ails you I promise. Just don’t kiss or talk close to anyone for a while, unless you can get them to party on some garlic with you too.

7. Detox Bath

Run a bath and dump a few cups of Epsom Salts and/or regular salts in there. We even use kosher salt some times but sea salts are the best of course. If your water is from a municipal source ( if you get your water from a city or town vs a well ) and you don’t have a filter for the bath faucet, then dump in a cup of baking powder or some clay to neutralize the chlorine and chemicals. Add some pure essential oils if you have them – lavender, eucalyptus and rose oil are my favorites. Light a candle and soak there for at least 20 minutes. Just relax as much as possible. Your skin will release toxins through every pore. If you are going to use soap/ wash you hair, do so after while rinsing off in a shower, because your super open pores will soak up anything thats in your soap products. This is actually a good tip for any time ( and a reason to search out the simplest and most natural body products you can find!) but especially important for when you are trying to give your body a rest.

8. The truly weird : Zappers

Ok so I may get some sideways looks for this one but hear me out. When I first heard of zappers  many years ago I thought they sounded like a load of crap. I kept reading and hearing about them for years so I eventually got curious. A zapper is simple battery powered device that when worn next to the skin, allows a very low frequency of electricity to go through the body and in to the blood stream where it works to safely deactivate bacteria, viruses and parasites. Sounds kind of hokey and too good to be true, right? Well after my doctor recommended it to me I started to pay attention. Then I heard Don Croft, the inventor of the next level zapper ( called The Terminator! ), say that the 10 dollar zapper on worked just as good as his $150 one. That got me real curious. So I purchased a 10 dollar zapper. I’ve been using it for about a month, as needed. I still have some questions but in my experience it works. Like anything though, you actually have to remember to use it! Learn more here — a little warning though – you are stepping into weird cutting edge fringe health nerd land with this one..

9. Rest

This one should probably be number one on the list but I know you don’t want to hear it, so I put it at the bottom. Seriously though. REST. Just.. do what you have to do and then stop. STOP.. get in the bed, turn on the netflix fireplace, and just veg out. It is better to rest now while you have some strength left. You can get well much quicker this way. When you keep going and run your self in to the ground even more .. thats when it can get real bad and you can really hurt yourself.  Take it from me. You end up wasting time too because it inevitably takes much longer to get your health back.  So.. you know what to do. Turn off the ringer, shut the door and get cozy.

10. Understanding the meaning

In my own path towards health, I am realizing that all illness exists to bring insight, if you want it. Where the discomfort is located in your body can give a good starting place towards figuring what this means for you. For example, I have been having throat issues for the last few weeks, off and on. I think that the real reason I am experiencing this is beyond the physical. I think it has to do with expressing myself on this here blog! Since the throat chakra is related to teaching and self expression of all kinds, it makes sense that this area would be acting up at the very time I am choosing to face my fears and just write! So hopefully that gives you an idea of what I mean. You can listen deeply and hear what your body is trying to tell you. The more you open up to this wisdom and arrange your life accordingly, the happier and healthier you can be.


If you have any other healthy cold beating tips please let us know in the comments!

To your health!