vintage cigarette ad

Sixty years ago everyone smoked cigarettes and no one was talking about how bad it was for you. Even pregnant ladies smoked back then and barely got a side eye. I mean, people smoked in airplanes!?! Can you imagine this today? I am convinced that some time in the not very distant future that we will look back at the ubiquitous unprotected overuse of cell phones and laptops and be similarly appalled.

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) exist around all electrical objects and organisms, including the human body and even the earth. The earth has a frequency (Schumann Resonance) that humans have been tuned to for thousands of years. When we are in natural environments we can feel this pulsation – picture how you feel barefoot on the beach. Your body is connecting to the natural EMFs of the earth. Now think about how you feel after sitting in front of a computer all day. What I have realized is that computers and the smart phones put me in a trance like state that is so subtle and addictive that it’s taken me many years to even notice it. And why is it exhausting if we are just sitting there anyway?


Artist Nickolay Lamm’s take on what the world would look like if cell phone tower radiation were visible!

The technology that has quite literally changed every part of our lives has happened SO FAST. Anyone over 30 will remember the times when the best way to be in touch on the go was with a pager and you didn’t even have an email address. Back then we were not sitting with laptops and cell phones all day (Not to mention all the cell towers and wifi..). It really wasn’t that long ago. It is starting to dawn on me – the toxic side of this new way of life. I have been so wrapped up in using this technology that I never really stopped to think about the side effects. The rise of personal computers and the internet has created a whole new economy and exchange of ideas that has really empowered people in so many ways. It’s effects are EVERYWHERE! There is so much good that we can’t just get rid of technology, we have to learn how to live and thrive with it.

There has to be a way to work with technology intelligently. We just need to know what we are dealing with and take appropriate measures. I feel like it is important to strengthen our own electromagnetic fields with Kundalini yoga and meditation so we can keep our circuits healthy and strong.  I do believe there is a way to be in harmony with our higher nature despite modern society. Our harmonious frequencies will co create a better world. We don’t all need to run out of the cities on to Luddite farms. This is a big subject with many facets. The next step for my husband and I is to get laptop radiation shields and more crystals and orgonite products. My next post on the subject will be to discuss which products seem worthwhile. In the mean time I am curious to know if you use any radiation protection devices and what they are.