Invocation, by Frederic Leighton . I’m loving the white flow-y outfit!

What you wear absolutely effects your electromagnetic field, whether you know what the heck that means or not. Your auric body is another name for your electromagnetic field, it is the container of energy for your life force. When your auric body is strong, you can hold a lot of energy. Your aura is constantly changing as you move through your day and your life. You can make your auric field stronger with yoga and meditation. You can also make it stronger just by what you wear.


My husband and I at White Tantric Yoga where everyone – you guessed it- wears white

It is known by the yogis that when you wear white it increases the size of your aura automatically. That is why you see a lot of yogis wearing white and especially Kundalini yoga teachers wearing white. It is important that the clothes be made from natural fibers because cotton, wools and silk are the best conductors of energy. Plastic based fibers just don’t work the same way when you are working with subtle energy fields.


Your author in a typical weirdo outfit chosen for comfort . Note the choice of footwear. I am “hiking” here.  Ha

Loose fitting clothes also help the situation. Being comfortable on the physical level helps open the energy around you on the energetic level. It’s pretty common sense when you think about it, but unless we are taught to look at in a practical way we can stay seduced in a fashion / trend type mental program. The Indian culture has a whole philosophy about each type of traditional clothing and why each type of clothing is worn. Actually I am sure all native forms of dress have intentional energetic components to them in addition to practical and aesthetic considerations.  I am going to learn more about that and report back.


A Cheyenne woman in a traditional three hide dress

Along the same vein, I have heard the Native American culture has a teaching about the reason women wear skirts. Long skirts open the energy field towards the earth, which help to strengthen the connection. When you look around at many different ancient cultural forms of dress you can start to see the energetic reasons for the outward forms. It’s an interesting viewpoint to develop, it gives a nice peek behind the curtain.

In the next post on this subject, we will explore how fashion is also a tool of the control system. Everything in life has a polarity. Keeps things interesting. Until then.. happy dressing!


Someday I will dress this fabulous. until then these ladies are holding it down