Somehow I was convinced to try doing 11 minutes of Sarbang Dande Kriya every day for a year. I’m so glad. In the last two months of this daily practice, my entire consciousness has totally shifted. Things that seemed impossible are now totally happening. This kriya has immense benefits for the physical body but it also works on the other 9 bodies too, so it’s extremely effective for shifting your entire perception of reality… because it’s working on many levels of your being at once.

The best instruction out there on the internet is from my friend Harimander. Check out his video for complete instructions on doing this correctly. It’s an easy repetitive pattern but it’s important to get the breath right.

If you are like me and don’t historically really enjoy exercise and therefore kind of out of shape.. this kriya is for YOU! 11 minutes every day and you can change your whole relationship to your body – to all 10 bodies. Just set the timer and show up. Do it at the pace you can and just accept where you are at. Go slow, like I do, or take rests as needed. Commit to showing up for the 11 minutes daily and you will see improvement, in all areas.

If you are NOT like me, and already pretty fit, this kriya is also for you! This kriya is a sophisticated technology that will work you out in an entirely new way. Because Kundalini Yoga is a 10 body system, you are getting many more benefits than a regular workout. Try it for 40 days to start and see for yourself.

I’m committed to doing this for a year, thanks to the birthday request of my teacher Harijiwan. He said if we wanted to get him a present, to just do this every day for a year. Somehow that request got through my thick skull and I just went for it. I’m so incredibly glad I did. I can’t tell you enough how deep an impact this has had on my life. I wish for you the same. Keep up and let me know how it goes 🙂

Instructions (from Harimander’s Youtube) :

Between the veins and the arteries, spaced every few inches, are tiny valves. This is how the blood gets circulated through the system. These valves are responsible for the rejuvenation of the cells in the body. In this exercise the spine is worked from one vertebra to the other so that if there are any stoppages, they will get worked out. When these valves get stopped up and don’t work, the area that isn’t receiving the blood gets sick. This kriya is good for menstrual problems, digestion, eye troubles, circulation and anything that ails you.

There are three postures to the kriya:

1. Triangle Pose. Heels pressed to the floor, separated by one foot, palms flat on the ground.

2. Platform Pose. Face down and body flat, parallel to the floor. Only the hands and feet touch the ground.

3. Cobra Pose. Arms straight, head up. Lower body remains down. Toes stay in place; do not roll onto top of feet.

Inhale in position (1) then exhale and go into position (2), Inhale into position (3) and then exhale back to position (1). Repeat.

Be sure to Tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 x before beginning.