My teacher shared this concept and it struck me as a intelligent way to view the real purpose of any religion. By “real purpose” I mean the non-inverted original purpose the way it’s founders intended. I think a lot of religions have gotten pretty twisted over the centuries and have caused a lot of  ‘religious poisoning’ .. I don’t even like to use the word God in my yoga classes for this reason, even though to me God is G.O.D. – the generating, organizing and delivering ( or destroying) force of the universe. I didn’t make that up either, that’s straight from Yogi Bhajan, and it really makes a lot of sense to me. Way better than the “old man with a beard in the sky looking down judging everyone” concept.

But back to the idea of religion as a vehicle . My notes from class say this:

It’s a direction you point your consciousness in and a means to get there. The rules and restrictions of a religion are similar to the rules and restrictions of each transportation device – car vs plane vs walking, etc.

This really resonated with me. I am not very religious but my husband is. We respect each others point of view. It works. When I married him he was not a baptized Sikh. He became Khalsa a few years into our marriage and with that commitment came a bunch of rules. It works for him. I see how the decision to live a certain way has brought him into a whole other dimension of his being. He went from driving a car to riding in a space ship. The change in vehicles was that dramatic and it has effected me by proxy. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I can see the evidence with my own eyes. It’s wild. When I think of other “serious” religious paths I imagine those people go through other versions of this when they commit fully to their path.

I am not sure who said it but this is true– “There are as many paths to the One as there are human beings.” We are all on our own journey. Where are we going? Who cares. I am enjoying the ride.