Playing kundalini mantras in your living environment is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to upgrade your life. Through yogic wisdom and modern science, we know that reality is created by sound – every physical object, everything we see, touch, taste, smell and hear is created by sound waves. When you intentionally play mantras in your living environment on repeat it helps shape the space in a powerful way because it’s re arranging the patterns that make up our energetic world. If you are inquisitive and open minded you can do the research .. or just experience it for yourself. In my personal life, using this technology has helped me tremendously so my mission is to inspire others.

Easy Peasy

Here is a step by step guide to playing non stop mantras in your home ( or office!)

You have two choices. The easiest thing is to use old mobile devices. Take your old phone and plug it in a corner and play a mantra or playlist on repeat. 

Your other option is to make a mantra box. This is a little bit of a project but it’s worthwhile. This is what you need : 

  1. Small Speaker with Micro Sd Card  $8 – $20 :  like this  or this  
  2. Micro SD Card with Adapter (small memory is fine) $8 : like this
  3. USB plug $10 for 2 : like this

You’ll need a SD card reader for your computer, some computers have this built in, but if you don’t you can buy one that fits in to a USB plug  ( like this ) . 

Time to pick the mantra ! Check out some ideas on this post. It’s nice to pick a mantra that works on a particular issue and a version that you love. Check out ‘kundalini mantras’ on youtube and spotify to get a sense of whats out there! A great place to start is any album by White Sun, especially their White Sun II (which they won a Grammy for) and White Sun III.  Check out this wonderful interview with the lead singer Gurujas that explains how mantras work and why we use them. Another great option is to use the sound of a properly played Gong. We recommend this one

Time to assemble :

  1. Insert the Adapter with Micro SD Card in to your computer. 
  2. Go to the Music folder and pick your track/s 
  3. Make sure your song is in MP3 format. If its MP4 you will need to convert it so it will play in your new device. 
  4. To convert an MP4 to MP3 – Use a free online service like this
  5. Drag your MP3 file to the card and eject
  6. Insert Mini SD Card in to your new player and you’re done !
  7. Choose a good place for your mantra box – If you only have one, the bedroom is a great choice because listening to mantras while sleeping is one of the most powerful things you can do for healing your mind.

We have mantra boxes in every room in our home, because we are super in to the benefits we have noticed over the last 10 years of doing this. In some rooms, like the bedroom, we have up to 6 mantras going at the same time. This is an acquired taste however ! Start with one and add from there 🙂 

A few added notes :

If your partner doesn’t like the mantras, they can be played at extremely low volume and in out of the way rooms, and still be beneficial. You can also play the sound through a set of earphones and it still works !  If you or your partner are too distracted by mantras in the bedroom try the gong. This is a very soothing “white noise” type of sound that most people find very relaxing.