Yogi Bhajan Lecture / Los Angeles 12.06.82 / Art by Jamila Starwater

When you listen to someone with mastery of the sound current, you can get many layers of information out of one phrase, or one word. In this talk, Yogi Bhajan is very hypnotic and poetic in the way he speaks. He beautifully describes the multi dimensionality of the human being, the “dungeon of karma” , the journey of the soul, the relationship between slave and master, and your right and responsibility to create your manifesto and your Self.

 ” Your manifestation is totally your manifestation, it is not the art or the science or the work, or the thought or the imagination or the creativity or push and pull of any star because by right you and your magnetic field is independent and sovereign and it has only a counter relationship with total existence.”

This is my favorite Yogi Bhajan lecture of all time. Jai Gopal and I started listening to it one summer on a long car ride and we found it to be so enriching that we just kept it on repeat for many hours and days. We still listen to it often. I highly recommend listening on repeat, especially if you are looking to awaken and deepen the connection to your highest soul purpose and mission on this earth.

” The spiritual realm starts here, and it never ends ”